Generate a QR Code

Use this method to generate a QR Code image from plain text content.
GET generate


Request parameters should be present as key-value pairs in URL query, values should be URL encoded. Parameter content is the only required and must always be specified. Other parameters are optional and can be ignored. If an optional parameter is not set it automatically gets the default value.
auth string optional API key to authenticate user. This parameter is optional.
content string required Content to be encoded in QR Code. This parameter is required.
format string optional Target image format: png (default), jpg, bmp, tif, xaml, svg, eps, txt, html, zip
version int optional Defines capacity and overall image size; values 1..40, unspecified or empty value for auto (default value)
size int optional Size of a single QR code module ("pixel") in real pixels; values 1..20, default: 8
padding int optional Border thickness in QR code modules ("pixels"); values 0..20, default: 4
em string optional Encoding mode, defines what kind of characters can encode and affects overall image size; values:
  • byte - can store any data, default value
  • numeric - only numbers are allowed 0-9
  • alphanumeric - numbers 0-9, letters A-Z, subset of punctuation .$%*/:-
ec string optional Error Correction level, defines how much code can be damaged but still recoverable, affects capacity and image size; values: M (default), H, L, Q
foreground color optional QR Code module color as ARGB hex value (#AARRGGBB), default: black or #FF000000
background color optional Background color as ARGB hex value (#AARRGGBB), default: white or #FFFFFFFF
shorten string optional Hyperlink shortening service, e.g., can be used only when content value is URL starting with http or https, default: none
attachment bool optional Flag indicating whether to return response as downloadable file, values "true" or "false", default: false
filename string optional Suggested attachment file name, default: none
Notes on colors: jpg and bmp formats do not support transparency, gif supports only full or no transparency, while png and vector formats support full range of alpha transparency levels. Note that URL encoded # equals %23


Successful response should contain image bytes. In case an error occurs the response will contain HTTP status code 400-500 and HTTP header X-Api-Error with descriptive error message.


Since the generate method works with GET verb the URLs can be tested directly in a web browser.
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