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Powerful Analytics

Detailed real time analytics and Business customer data of every scan are vital to every successful mobile campaign. Analytics data gives you essential business intelligence about your audience engagement and performance of your campaigns. User-friendly administration data grids and charts provide all important data to understand your mobile campaign conversion and customer data. Use the download option and export all raw data into various formats for further analysis and customer assurance.

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Business data

Knowing your audience gives you valuable Business data for effective campaign targeting. You can analyze every visit or scan through an interactive zoomable map and data grids or
by top performance.


All locations are grouped into a zoomable map, that gives you an overview of your campaign location targeting. Scans come with meta data about the country of origin, state, city, and precise latitude & longitude if available.


All captured data are grouped by the device manufacturer, model and OS. It gives you essential decision data about your audiences mobile preferences and which OS has priority concerning your mobile channel marketing.

Turn your products into a mobile experience

Create content-rich mobile experiences to boost customer engagement across all channels. Target codes are mobile marketing solutions your customers can access via an email link, social channels (Twitter, FB, Linkedin...), Google AdWords or scan QR code from your print materials or product packaging.

Use Target codes for customer polls and research, product giveaway campaigns, support for m-commerce, events, schedule your deals and A/B testing. All logic and mechanics are delivered out of the box with extensive options to customize, brand and create unique mobile experiences. Create mobile solutions using Scheduler, MultiLink, Geo-target, Feedback & Survey, Sweepstake, Instant win, Rating, Voting, Random or Mobile OS app code.

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This code allows you to display specific content based on the time of visit or scan.

Optimize your campaign strategy and deliver special time-limited deals and inspiring content by the hour or up to 5 minute slots.
Geo Target
Display unique deal or action, based on user geolocation at the time of scan.

Point your users to the nearest shop or service, depending on their current geolocation. Put the code on your sales emails, your posters or other print materials.
Feedback code is a great way to connect with your audience.

When scanned users can submit feedback or a short review of your service or product.

Put the code on your print materials or service receipts.
This code allows you to create an easy scan-to-win experience and gratification.

Multiple options give you the freedom to design and create unique experiences and monitor your campaign activity.
Instant Win
Set-up an Instant win or lottery based experience.

Set Win and Lose parameters based on scan frequency or random parameter. Ask users to provide contact details, insert rules and create gratification page.
Use it for service rating, ideas valuation or event performance ranking.

Use it for service rating, ideas valuation or event performance ranking.
Voting solution the perfect solution to initiate voting at conferences, events or for a short customer satisfaction poll.
Use it in your organization or with R&D team for A/B testing.

Voting can be accessed via event QR code badge.
This code allows you to display a random mix of mobile actions and visual content.

Display discount coupon in lower frequency than other visual content.
Mobile OS
Once scanned, users are directed to download your app, based on their phone OS.

Mobile OS code automatically recognizes user phone OS and redirects them to App store, Google play, Windows phone marketplace or BB store to download the app.

Branding, Customization & Security

Branding feature


Use your own domain URL. The Branding feature allows companies to control visibility and security of their Brand when using Esponce services.

Customized QR codes

Customized QR codes

Nicely designed QR codes usually tend to be more eye-catching and attractive to the user and is the reason they get more scans.

Password protected QR code

Password protection

When dealing with sensitive data and valuable content each code content can be protected with a password or activated at certain times only.

Create, manage and track QR codes

The Esponce QR code generator supports 14 different types of dynamic QR codes.
Create, manage and track all your QR campaigns through a powerful management system.

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White Label program

White Label program

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