Custom URL

Custom URL

Ready to upgrade your marketing efforts? Engage your audience and customers with unique URL address and more.

Tip: If you plan to put a QR code on your packaging then you should consider using custom URL from the start. This way you will protect your long lasting QR codes better.

The 7 key benefits

  • Custom URL
  • Custom alias:
  • Adjust URL for Mobile apps and QR codes
  • Customize design for dynamic QR code types: vCard, Text
  • Use your SMTP mail parameters
  • Editable "Powered by Esponce" footer
  • Increased security
White Label program

Currently we support
English, German, French, Spanish,
Portuguese, Russian, Swedish and Norwegian

White Label program

Re-brand and resell the Esponce services to your clients as your own. Using White Label means that your client's won't see any mention of Esponce while they are using the service offered by you.

Key features

  • Define your name for the service
  • Customize your WL account
  • 1x Custom URL
  • Custom alias:
  • Brand pages (Mobile, login, password ...)
  • Manage multiple clients
  • Full control over clients' permissions
  • Setup your mail SMTP parameters
  • Option to add custom URL for each client
  • Save on volume with buying assets in bulk - Asset plan
  • Manage all assets across all clients
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