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QR code API


Strong solution for any kind of Enterprise system and services integration or QR code experts. It's the strongest QR code API in the industry.

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QR code plugins

Free QR code plugins

Available for WordPress, Blender, Inkscape Adobe Photoshop CS3, Google SketchUp, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook.

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QR code online decoder

Online QR code decoder

In case you don't have QR code reader on your phone then you can decode photo of the QR code through online decoder and discover what is behind the code.

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12 Steps to a successful QR code campaign

For all small and large businesses who are unfamiliar with QR codes.

Step 1 - Define your objective

The first task is to set an objective business goal or campaign. Define your interests or your priority in this marketing step. You can offer customer services, information, brand awareness or public relations. It shouldn’t be everything because everything produce unfocused results.

Step 2 - Engage customers in a new way

A very important task is to define what your customers will get from this campaign. It would be smart to give them something new, something special to engage them and most importantly to have a trigger "Call to action" and then your customers become yours allies by recommending you.

Step 3 - How a QR code works?

Learn everything about it. Get familiar with QR codes and all their capabilities. Read more about QR code.

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Who says that printed media is static? With QR codes and great Mobile Apps even classical news can come to life.

About QR code

Get more familiar with QR code language. What means all these QR code squares or pixels and what it means Symbol, Quiet zone, Detection patterns and other tech words.

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Test before launch

Why your clients or your audience can experience problems while scanning. Find out what are the best practices to to minimize threshold at scanning and get better results.

QR code world records

There is ongoing competition building world largest QR code. Find out some innovative and social awareness team that puts great effort to build awesome BIG QR codes.

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The history of QR codes

QR codes were developed in Japan by the Denso-Wave company.

A QR code is a 2d barcode (square matrix code) designed by the Japanese corporation Denso-Wave in 1994. Initially they were used to track automobile parts during the manufacturing process. Today they are ISO standardized and open source.

QR is an abbreviation for Quick Response. It is a two-dimensional barcode (matrix barcode) that can store a link, plain text, SMS text message, addresses, URLs, Geo location, email, phone numbers, contact information and it is used for quick connections (response) between static and online content. They can be scanned with smart phone cameras using the appropriate QR code reader (scanner).

The easiest way to understand their nature in today's media world is to describe them as paper-based hyperlinks, and this is a good description of what they do.

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