API documentation

Learn how to use Esponce API based on REST web service


Esponce API offers you a way to integrate QR code features into your application. API can be used in your application to automate generating QR codes or decode content from scanned QR code images or to handle trackable QR codes and campaigns.

Quick start

To get familiar with API try the following examples:
  1. To generate a QR Code make an HTTP GET request to http://www.esponce.com/api/v3/generate?content=hello&format=png&auth=API-KEY where "hello" will be encoded in a QR code.
  2. To decode the content behind a QR code image make an HTTP POST request to http://www.esponce.com/api/v3/decode?auth=API-KEY and upload raw image bytes in the request. Server will return a message from the image, like { content: "some message" }

Utility to create QR Code on the fly