What some of our customers have to say about us.
A beautiful interface and a great product to match
After scouring the internet for a QR code system that can manage dozens of clients and campaigns we have finally found the partner we have been looking for. Esponce intelligent interface and extensive options has really turned a very stressful, messy and unorganized process into a fun, simple and valuable asset for our clients.
Responsive, timely and helpful!
I inadvertently deleted a QR code that is currently on several of our salespeoples' business cards. Realizing this, I immediately contacted ESPONCE in hopes of recovering the "missing" code so the existing cards did not have a non-working code on the back. Well, not only did I receive a message back same-day, I was informed that my QR was recovered and placed back into my stable of codes. ESPONCE saved the day!
— Matt Vargo
Director of Marketing, Lease Corporation of America
Great customer service
I'm very happy with the way Esponce came up with a solution for my business QR needs, great customer service!
— Michael Wobcke
Diamonds On Richmond
Very straightforward and easy-to-use!
QR codes have played a pivotal part in the on-going success of our client media campaigns. Esponce easy-to-use creation and QR code tracking has enabled us to manage and provide accurate monthly reports. This has helped us tremendously to assess the readership value and success of the ad in the corresponding media.
Support is great
Coming up with an account related issue. The response time was absolutely in time and the staff was friendly and qualified. To find and solve the problem wasnt that easy, but it was still done within 2-3 days. All working good again :)
— Michael Halbeisen
Sales & Business Development, Inscript Gmbh
Coca-Cola campaign
How Wendy's partnered with Coca-Cola to create one of
the most engaging QR code campaigns of the year
Coca-Cola hasn’t just changed the marketing landscape with its new content-rich main website. In 2012, it created one of the most engaging QR codes on the market. This is the story about this phenomenal QR Code and how Esponce helped Coca-Cola achieve awesome results.
This fall when Wendy’s customers purchased a combo meal they received a QR Code on their cup, when the code was scanned with a QR Code reader app, it launched the link that took the customer to Wendy's sweepstake web site.
Users were asked to search on the web and offline for promotional codes that needed to be entered on the promotion microsite for a chance to win the Ultimate Football Tailgating Prize - a 2013 GMC Sierra Truck, Ultimate Tailgate Trailer, trip for four to a College Bowl game, and Wendy’s Cheeseburgers and Coca-Cola beverages. And there were hundreds of other prizes.
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Wendy’s Ultimate College Football Tailgate Experience Promotion
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AMAZING Customer Service!
I have been so impressed with the quick responce and willingness to work with me. What a great program and so easy to use. I will be a customer for life.
5 Stars to the crew at Esponce
In addition to the incredible ease of use, they have the functionality and reporting that everyone WANTS but some people miss. But the thing that is truly amazing, an really unmatched for companies in the same space is their support, - it's flawless.
Keep up the good work gang!! Love this!
Onsite real-time programming is possible!
Thanks to Esponce and their friendly interface (and amazing customer support), we are able to offer QR codes of any sizes and precisely keep track of them for our reports.
— Mario Deschambault
Vice-président at Voyou Communications
Just the features I need!
When I produced my latest book, The Bootstrapper's Guide to the Mobile Web, I knew I wanted to make it QR code enhanced.
Since I research all of the services I feature in my books, I already knew that Esponce had the features I needed. I not only needed a QR code generator and manager, but a service that allowed me to change my codes whenever I needed, as well as a way to track them. And Esponce fit the bill perfectly.
The book has nearly 40 QR codes, linking to resources, videos, tutorials, presentations, and more. They serve as a way to enhance the content of the book with ancillary material I can update whenever I need to. Esponce has offers an ideal way for me to accomplish this.
Real world meets the digital world
Our digital agency has benefited greatly from the Esponce QR codes. The ability to create QR codes in under a minute and be able to fully customize the links, colours, and even branding it with our logo, is a value added proposition that all our clients love. With the Esponce system, we're able to provide print ready QR codes that our clients can resize, utilize and place in any of their out of home materials, allowing see us as a market leader in QR codes, all thanks to the Esponce system.
We have nothing but high hopes and wishes for Esponce as their platform is truly a valuable and hidden gem. It's allowed our business to expand into this mobile market segment.
E. & J. Gallo Winery
The Wine Industry becomes friendlier with QR technology
In the last few years the Wine industry have adopted QR technology in their marketing strategies. The use of QR codes on wine labels has been a great success which has helped many companies to sell more wine. Creative use of QR Codes still plays a major role when it comes to ideas on how to engage with your customers. Once we have created your message and your code, you can market it and get started immediately on your QR campaign.
The leading International Wine Company E. & J. Gallo which represents one of the California Wine Families will celebrate its 80th anniversary in 2013. They have partnered with Esponce for the second year in succession, to use QR codes in their marketing campaigns. E. & J. Gallo has great respect and prestige within the industry and recognized the potential use of QR codes and has creatively implemented this marketing tool into their business to experiment with mobile interaction to their end consumers to create a better customer experience.
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Barrel tracking using QR codes

Image credit: Vinotrac

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Next Generation QR codes
We create our QR code information using the brilliant Esponce software. This gives us the flexibility to remould the information into the CyberLogo. Our many Blue Chip clients are delighted with the service provided as it gives them incredible marketing collateral - measurable information!
Esponce is by far and away the Best company of its kind I have come across in all my years working with QR codes. The service level is absolutely spot on and I would say, hand on heart, that I could not have taken my work to the level I have done without them. Thank you Esponce.
By far the best QR Code service out there!
We used Esponce to create all of our QR codes for our book SAVING SAVVY by Kelly Hancock. The book has over 25 QR Codes. After searching and searching online, we found that Esponce provided the best method—from creating codes, and tracking results, to the several different file formats we needed for print publication. Esponce, thank you!
Quick and Reliable!
I originally had the free QR Code generator I was using to make my QR Codes. When we switched to the "PRO" account we were worried that we would lose our previously created QR Codes. After contacting Esponce they transferred all of my old codes to my new account so that they would not expire. They did this all for free! We will absolutely be using them for the rest of our QR Codes. Thank you Esponce!
Esponce is awesome!
I was looking online for help in creating a QR code campaign to market my products. After a while I discovered Esponce. I was amazed at how easy the system was to use and how robust the software was. I got in touch with the guys at Esponce and they could not have been more helpful. Their advice was spot on and after a very short time my QR code marketing campaign was up and running and what’s more, I am in control of the whole thing.
I now recommend these guys to everyone I know. Thank you Esponce.
Creative & Innovative Use of QR Codes
The service provided by Esponce is simply, second to none. Intuitive, adaptable and reliable. As a digital marketing & website design consultancy, we run a variety of creative digital campaigns including recently a QR Code Treasure Hunt. The events overwhelming success was partly due to the adaptability of the QR codes. We were able to dynamically change the codes to further challenge the QR Code hunters and send them on different challenges.
Additionally we've found the multiple file formats useful in enabling us to present the QR Codes in a variety of artworks in various materials. Plus the analytics have been fascinating in tracking how users interact with the QR Codes.
I have no hesitation in recommending Esponce as THE dynamic QR Code service on the web.
Pinnacle Vodka mobile campaign
Creative use of QR codes turn Pinnacle Vodka into a great success
In April 2012 Beam Inc procured the Pinnacle Vodka brand from White Rock Distilleries Inc. One year before the merge WRD marketers created the mobile campaign to promote Pinnacle Vodka – Drink recipes »When you are on top you love to mix it up – It is more fun on topTM« and this campaign transform the Pinnacle Vodka brand completely.
Each bottle of Pinnacle Vodka has a QR code on the back and when scanning, the consumer is redirected to a Pinnacle Vodka Facebook page. If you want to try mixing up a Tropical Punch, Watermelon Cooler, Lemon Meringue Martini or Strawberry Shortcake Boozy Milkshake and you like to throw parties you should check their never-ending drinks recipe ideas and get inspired.
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Pinnacle Vodka using QR codes

Image credit: Pinnacle Vodka

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Accelerating Time to Market with Esponce came across searching for a source for high quality QR codes for our new QR code-based offering service.
What we found here made us realize that our long-term goal for our offering is within reach much sooner than planned. Esponce' advanced technology has broadened our offering with new capabilities, through a simple, yet powerful implementation, enabling us to accelerate our schedule with faster time-to-market.
Generating, tracking and keeping QR codes made easy
This site gives a great way to have consistent printed QR codes in perfect file formats for signs so that we can keep the same code and change the link to the code without having to constantly change the printed code that we place on our signs!...I love how easy they have made this!
Simply the best QR platform around!
We worked with Esponce on a special project, a fun installation utilising QR codes for event guests to engage in various competitions. The project demanded special solutions and Esponce made it happen a lot easier than we expected that it was going to be. The team is super responsive, open to new ideas and with a powerful platform it is a priceless solution for any marketer, salesperson, creative,... who would like to connect the physical world with their web content. We were so impressed that we gave them 10 out of 10.
QR codes for commercial printers
If QR codes are defined as paper-based hyperlinks... then printing them correctly is key to quality scanning. Esponce offers true vector EPS format QR codes designed to scale and separate correctly for commercial printers. Their easy to use interface provides just enough customization and generates fully compatible press ready QR codes. A must for print-centric designers and prepress technicians.
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