Decode a QR Code image

Use this method to retrieve content from QR Code image.
POST decode


Request should contain QR Code image, raw bytes. URL query should contain:
auth API key to authenticate user. This parameter is required.
format Uploaded image format: png (default), jpg, bmp, tif


Resulting content will be serialized in JSON or XML depending on Accept in request HTTP header. If no Accept is defined in the header JSON will be used by default. In case an error occurs on the server the response HTTP header X-Api-Error will be present and should contain a descriptive error message.
content string Content from QR Code image.
version int Defines capacity and overall image size; values 1..40, unspecified or empty value for auto (default value)
ec string Error Correction level, defines how much code can be damaged but still recoverable, affects capacity and image size; values: M (default), H, L, Q
dimension int Number of modules in a row or column.
capacity int Capacity of QR Code - maximum possible number of bytes to be stored in QR Code.
length int Length of stored content in bytes.


For example, create a POST request using the following URL, upload raw image data and wait for plain text response.

(HTTP body containing png image bytes)
  content: "some message"