Error handling

Errors are reported as HTTP status code:
200 OK Request has been successfully processed, no error.
400 Bad Request Some parameter is missing or value not specified properly. Check if required parameters are specified.
401 Unauthorized API key is missing or authenticated user does not have permissions to call the method.
403 Forbidden Server is refusing to respond. Check the conditions.
404 Not Found Resource does not exist. Check URL and resource name (id) if in URL.
405 Method Not Allowed Calling method with GET but the method only supports POST verb? Check the Allow header for available verbs.
500 Internal Server Error Internal error occurred on a server. Please notify us so we can fix the problem.
503 Service Unavailable Website or web service is under maintenance. Check the Retry-After header and try again later.
HTTP response may also contain extra HTTP headers:
  • X-Api-Error with a detailed error message for developer
  • X-Api-Error-Code with numeric error identifier
  • X-Api-Error-Hint with hint how to solve the problem

X-Api-Error-Code values

1000 General error
1001 Deprecated method or parameter
2001 User not authenticated
2002 User does not exist
2003 User is not activated
2005 Access denied, user should check credentials (username and password)
3001 Rate limit exceeded
3002 Need to upgrade package plan
4002 Check parameter value
4003 Record does not exist
4004 Record does not belong to authenticated user
4005 Record contains no data