API methods

All service method calls start with the base URL http://www.esponce.com/api/v3/ then follows a method name. Each method expects certain input parameters and returns a specific result. Details for each method are described further in the documentation.


generate generate a QR Code image, using HTTP GET
decode get content from QR Code image

QR Code Tracking

The following methods require API key to identify user:
track/list get a list of campaigns and trackable QR Codes
track/campaign manage campaign: select, insert, update, delete
track/qrcode manage trackable QR Code: select, insert, update, delete
track/statistics get statistics about a particular QR Code
track/export export campaigns and trackable QR Codes
track/import import campaigns and trackable QR Codes


  • URL to generate a QR Code: http://www.esponce.com/api/v3/generate?content=hello&format=png&auth=API-KEY
  • URL to get a tracking list: http://www.esponce.com/api/v3/track/list?auth=API-KEY


Note that URL ends without slash character (/), e.g. generate/ generate