QR code generator

QR code generator

The Esponce QR code generator supports 14 different types of dynamic QR codes. Create, manage and track all your QR campaigns through a powerful management system. The most used QR code type is "Website" QR code that points to end URL address. All codes are dynamic which means that QR code can be updated, collects analytics and you can download it anytime.

Create, manage and track QR codes

Trackable codes are dynamic, which means that you can change the content or edit and redirect them to a different URL anytime without affecting the printed QR code. These codes are more optimized as they are generated with lower density which means they are less error prone when scanning. This makes your QR code more universal and usable. All dynamic QR codes use our http://esp.to short link URL. We call this URL Branding and can be replaced with Branding add-on.

Website Text Card Calendar Location SMS Phone Email
Skype PayPal Social Video WiFi OS

QR code performance Analytics

Detailed real time QR code analytics are vital to every marketer. Analytics data gives you essential business intelligence about your audience engagement and performance of your QR code campaigns. User-friendly data grids and charts provide all important data to understand your QR code campaign conversion and performance.

Analytics Metrics Screenshot Analytics Location Screenshot Analytics Devices Screenshot

Performance analytics

Knowing your audience gives you valuable Business data for effective desisions. You can analyze all traffic through an interactive zoomable map, filters and data grids.


All locations are grouped into a zoomable map. Scans come with meta data about the country of origin, state, city, and precise latitude & longitude if available.


All captured data are grouped by the device manufacturer, model and OS. It gives you essential decision data about your audiences mobile preferences - iOS or Android.

Security, Custom URL & White label

Password protected QR code

VIP QR codes

When dealing with sensitive data or valuable content, you can protect any QR code
with a password.

Branding feature

Custom URL

Use your own domain to white-label your
QR codes and increase security when
using Esponce services.



Full White Label solution for Agencies and resellers. Your client's won't see
any mention of Esponce.