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Customized QR code
Customized QR codes
Create beautiful customized QR codes with colours, shapes and pixels, your logo or use our ready-made icons. When generating customized QR codes check readability bar to assure quick and reliable scanning.

Custom QR codes bring more attention to your QR code campaign, more scans and better campaign performance.
QR templates
When generating a new QR code you can save your QR code design as a QR template. Use the QR template next time or use it when you want to automate generation of custom QR codes out of your application via API.
For unique QR templates please get in touch.
You can hire our team to create a unique QR code template out of your design requirements or high resolution printable sticker sheet with custom QR code and dynamic fields.
Generate new QR code via API
Esponce API
Dynamic QR codes
There are 14 QR code types. Dynamic QR codes can be edited anytime in order to redirect them to a new URL. Changing the code type or the content won't affect your printed QR code. Dynamic codes are trackable and can be branded with your own domain.
Website Text Card Calendar Location Geo location SMS Phone Email
Skype Social Video WiFi App
Campaign performance
When your campaign is launched, you can start tracking your QR codes. Scan statistics - number of scans, unique scans, date and time, location and with what devices codes have been scanned, giving you essential intelligence about your audience engagement and performance of your QR code campaigns. User-friendly data grids and charts provide all important data to understand your QR code campaign conversion and performance. You can download all collected data in Excel, CSV or XML format.
Analytics Metrics Screenshot Analytics Location Screenshot Analytics Devices Screenshot
QR code analytics
Analyze all collected data through an interactive zoomable map, filters and data grids.
All locations are grouped into a zoomable map. All scans come with meta data into location, country of origin, state, city.
Analyze your QR code campaigns with real time powerful analytics. Export all data for further comparison.
Password protected QR code
100% flexibility and control
When you need to do last-minute campaign changes or to respond in case of emergency, updating or changing the code only requires a few clicks to fix. With dynamic QR codes you have full flexibility and more. All QR codes can be paused or even protected with a password when you want to share only VIP content.
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