12 Steps to a successful QR code campaign

For all small and large businesses who are unfamiliar with QR codes.

Step 1 - Define your objective

The first task is to set an objective business goal or campaign. Define your interests or your priority in this marketing step. You can offer customer services, information, brand awareness or public relations. It shouldn’t be everything because everything produce unfocused results.

Step 2 - Engage customers in a new way

A very important task is to define what your customers will get from this campaign. It would be smart to give them something new, something special to engage them and most importantly to have a trigger "Call to action" and then your customers become yours allies by recommending you.

Step 3 - How a QR code works?

Learn everything about it. Get familiar with QR codes and all their capabilities. Read more about QR code.

Who says that printed media is static? With QR codes and great Mobile Apps even classical news can come to life.

People love to share! Diesel had a great idea and included “like” button in a dynamic QR code. With proper Mobile content delivery, the effects are awesome!

Step 4 - Research

Select an appropriate QR code type (factors to consider: size surface, tracking, scanning ease, reader audience). In this step it is also useful to get information about the mobile audience in your area (how many smartphone users are there, check Internet access (free WIFI) in campaign area etc.)

Step 5 - Optimize Mobile site

Having a mobile site that your QR code refers to is rule No.1 to attract users at the entry point! Never point the URL to your desktop site. There is so much irrelevant information there that your audience is likely to be disappointed.

Step 6 - Be creative

You can put a logo or change the background colour with your QR code. But, don’t be too creative. Another way to be more professional is to create a customized QR Code for your brand. This can be very effective as people can trust your code more. Keep in mind that your code must be readable in the first place and it can handle only 30% of deviation. Before creating your code you should consider the size of data stored. Use short links to have a more readable, less dense code. Focus on a special offer not all of your services.

Step 7 - Specify dates

When you are using a special offer and after the date expires it is wise to redirect QR code to another URL path. For example if you are having a special discount till the end of month. When you close your promotion your QR code can be diverted to other content like a mobile presentation of your latest products. Always have a backup plan for your QR codes!

In this print ad you need to scan a QR code to get to the Mobile App that allows users to take a test drive. QR code campaigns promote your business with numerous different possibilities!

Great examples of how a QR code campaign turned New York City’s Central Park into an interactive board game. It's genius how this technology is used in the real-world.

Step 8 - Tracking campaign

Analytics are crucial so that you can monitor your campaign! With our generator you can also track scans of all sorts of QR codes. It is a very important step, because you can adjust your campaign with dynamic QR codes along the way. Read more about Tracking.

Step 9 - Give basic instructions

Give basic instructions of what happens upon scanning. QR codes are still a new thing for a lot of people and you need to educate them how to use it. According to the latest research in the USA more than 50% of people have never used a QR code. So, if you want to attract new customers you should consider providing some explanation alongside your QR code. Just leave a sentence or two for scanning steps.

Step 10 - Test Your QR codes

To ensure scanability (different smart phones, cameras, readers, lighting, speed, etc.). This is one of the most crucial steps. Try with different smartphones, readers or cameras. Test, test and again test before you launch your campaign.

Step 11 - Launch

Your campaign is now a “living object” and you can follow all the activity with your chosen analytics.

Step 12 - QR code life

QR codes will remain alive much longer then your campaign. Think about that too! How you will manage your codes after one year or two and how this can affect your brand.

The best video if you are in commercial business and want to offer your customers something new. QR code, e - commerce and Mobile Apps: an elegant and successful combination.

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