QR code World Records

It’s just awesome to see so many teams coming together to build these gigantic QR codes

309,570 square feet

July 24 , 2012, Alberta, Canada

The Kraay family have been known by their creativity to come up with amazing and unique designs for their annual corn mazes. Their 13th annual corn maze was even more spectacular than the great designs of previous years. Giant QR code maze covers area approximately 560ft x 560ft.

Rachel Kraay tells that creating the corn maze is much more profitable than just selling corn. The Kraay Family Farm QR code is officially the world’s largest QR code and was confirmed by Guinness Book of Records and it is more than 14 times larger than the previous world record set in Toronto.

Kraays QR code from the air World's largest QR code

21,904 square feet

June 16, 2012, Toronto, Canada

Over 275 people came together to create the World's Largest QR code. Inwell prepared operation, which was months in the planning. Youth Unlimited North York, Toronto raised a substantial sum that will help to support the kids' programs of Youth Unlimited North York. The amazing event was covered live on twitter and once again proved that building gigantic QR codes can be a fun and exciting event for the community.

Feb. 19, 2012, Facebook, California, USA

Roof top QR code

This was an idea that came forward during Facebook Space hackathon. FB painted 1,764 square feet QR on the roof of the new Facebook HQ in Menlo Park.

July 4, 2013, Groene Ruimte, Netherlands

Europe's largest QR code

This 43,000 square feet QR code was constructed by students of IPC Groene Ruimte (a training and consultancy centre) in the Netherlands.

May 13, 2013, Shenzhen, China

World largest human QR code

2,000 employees of Mission Hills Golf Club in China, formed this umbrella QR code to promote sustainable eco-tourism.

15,625 square feet

Feb. 18 2012, St-Janvier de Mirabel Air Fest, Quebec, Canada

Air Fest is a Quebec company providing day-camps and soccer schools for kids. The massive QR code was laid down on the snow and they aligned it perfectly to take advantage to scan the code from a helicopter. The event was promoting the start of the campaign to register for 2012 camps under theme name «Un été plus grand que nature!».

View from the helicopter

10,000 square feet

Oct. 13, 2011, Wall Stadium Speedway, New Jersey, USA

Social networking platform Skanz has painted a 10,000 square feet QR code at the Wall Stadium Speedway.

Wall stadium speedway making-of

July 2, 2010, Audi, Japan

World’s Biggest QR code Ad

Audi Japan Employees created huge human powered QR code ad.

Dec 14, 2010, Los Angeles, USA

Coded Stories

Chilean artist Guillermo Bert is using the barcodes to preserve the identity and traditions of the Mapuche, Chile’s largest indigenous population.

April 12, 2012, Emart, Seoul, South Korea

Innovative shadow QR code

A QR code was placed across the city and could only be scanned during 12 am and 1pm. The sunlight casting a shadow to complete the QR code.

10,000 square feet

Oct. 3, 2011, Southern Resource roof top, Charlotte, USA

This is the world’s permanent QR code. Hackerspace Charlotte painted a massive QR code on the roof of a scrap metal recycling Southern Resources company in Charlotte.

Southern resource and Hackerspace Charlotte

275,555 square feet

May 2006, wheat field Ilmenau, Germany

“Hello, world!” is a real installation for the virtual globe of the software Google Earth. A Semacode measuring 269,000 square feet was mown into a wheat field near the town of Ilmenau in the Land Thuringia.

The Semacode is a visual code that – based on the DataMatrix norm ISO/IEC 16022 – codes character strings.

Hello, world! project