Innovative QR Code campaigns

QR Codes make communication more effective by connecting the real world & the virtual world.
They have been built to help us with real life challenges and new business not just for advertising!

People love to share! Diesel had a great idea and included “like” button in a dynamic QR Code. With proper Mobile content delivery, the effects are awesome!
In this print ad you need to scan a QR Code to get to the Mobile App that allows users to take a test drive. QR Code campaigns promote your business with numerous different possibilities!
Great examples of how a QR Code campaign turned New York City’s Central Park into an interactive board game. It's genius how this technology is used in the real-world.
Asia innovative use of QR Code. Imagine yourself as a walking QR ad! These guys went even further... They invented a stylish QR Code for hairdressers.
The best video if you are in commercial business and want to offer your customers something new. QR Code, e - commerce and Mobile Apps: an elegant and successful combination.
Who says that printed media is static? With QR Codes and great Mobile Apps even classical news can come to life.

Tools of the trade

Who, when and how people are scanning QR Codes is vitally important for marketers and everyone dealing with sales.

  • Create QR Code

    You can create QR Code from text, link, video, Contact info, Geolocation, Email, twitter message, foursquare venue, iTunes app, Android market, phone number, Paypal and more.

    Did You Know QR Code Content
  • Tracking & analytics

    Get your data from scans to study, to measure response, to analyze them. It is vitally important how QR Codes perform out there. With Dynamic QR Codes you can optimize your campaigns today and in the future campaigns. Read more

    QR Code Tracking And Analytics
  • Mobile apps

    Web content that’s connected to QR Code should be mobile friendly and simple so it can load quickly. Be aware that smartphone owners expect mobile-friendly page when scanning QR Codes.

    Mobile apps Screens